Brows Above The Mask !

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Brows Above The Mask !

Above the Mask

With everything that is going on at the moment, wearing a mask all day long is probably saving you some money when it comes to lipsticks. I mean, no-one can see your lips with a mask on, so why would you need it? The same goes for a lot of face makeup, like foundation, as this usually gets rubbed of when the mask move around on your face. One thing, however, is certain: you can still make up everything above the mask, which includes the eyes and brows.


Although it’s something you may not have thought of before, or brows may not be your priority, there are so many great things that come with doing your brows. Of course, everyone goes straight to their eyes, applying complicated shadows and liners to create masterpieces, but you shouldn’t forget your brows. Especially at the moment, seeing as they cover a large portion of what’s not concealed by a mask, and they can help to frame the eyes as well. If you’re brows are clean and polished, it makes them look well cared-for and groomed, adding extra oomph to your appearance.


If you haven’t done your brows before, you may be cautious or afraid to, as there are some things you can do wrong or potentially make them look unnatural. However, once you know how to use each product, and you have experimented with different shapes, the process becomes much easier. If you’re wondering how each product works, here’s a brief description:

  • Brow powder: these powders usually have a creamier formula than other powders, such as eyeshadows, and can be used with a small angled brush. Their best use is for filling in large areas of sparse hairs without the need for much detail. They’re also good for filling the front of the brow as this area should be lighter than the rest.
  • Brow pomade: also used with a small angled brush, a pomade is like a buttery powder and can be used to fill areas with more detail, able to create precise hair-like strokes, as well as lining the top and bottom of the brow.
  • Brow gel: these mascara-like formulas come in both clear and pigmented, and the pigmented ones can be used to add volume to the brows, as well as colour if your hairs are quite light. Clear brow gels are used to set the individual hairs in place to create a clean finish.
  • Brow pencil: brow pencils can come in many different forms, but they all have the same purpose. They have thin, pointed tips which can be precise enough to create stroke which look like hairs to fill in sparse areas.


As well as the various products you can use to enhance your natural brows, there are also a variety of procedures you can have done, such as waxing, threading, tinting and microblading. These are all more permanent solutions, and last for different lengths of time, and are worth looking into if you want to make your brows easier to work with.


So, now you know about the different products and a little bit about the basics of brows, you can fill them and groom them as you please. Remember that clean, polished brows are a very attractive feature, and such an easy way to add something to your appearance.